Department of urban design and planning - NTNU

Allow your towns to change in size, to breathe. A different pulse every time. Imagine crossover typologies like hotel homes and cruise ship offices.

Can you imagine being at home everywhere?
If cities are shrinking, it means that there are empty houses with potential for a new program.

What if the things that normally are the rocks in peoples lives suddenly started moving?
Then you could live potentially anywhere in a regional network of harbour towns.

What if location is a dynamic quality?

Can we substantiate the former nomadism of the region in the future?
Not like a region of commuters but a region of dynamics. A network where the communication between places is the population itself.

Department of Urban Design and Planning, NTNU
“Breathing city” is a result of The Barents Project carried out at the Department of Urban Design and Planning at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), autumn 2008. The project was initiated and conducted by architect and assistant professor Magnus Jørgensen under the supervision of Vice-Dean Fredrik Shetelig of the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art. It adds to the Department’s growing portfolio of projects on the High North over the last five years.

The Barents Project studio consisted of eight master level students from Norway, France and the Czech Republic and the course contained, in addition to the exhibited material, different workshops, teaching of research methods, a field trip and a series of lectures.

Team: Magnus Jørgensen, Ragnhild Førde, IngunnDanielsen Lindbach, Clemence Gabrielle Lepelletier, Katka Margoldova, Rune Stangeland, Synnøve Avsnes Sæle, Kari Dalland, Matteo Gabriel Albert Gregori